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Thermarest Questar HD 20 Down Sleeping Bag

This is the feature-packed down bag you’ve always wanted. We’ve loaded this bag with the comfort-enhancing hallmarks Therm-a-Rest bags are known for, such as our SynergyLink™ Connectors, which integrate the bag with a mattress, and our ThermaCapture™ Seams that trap your radiant body heat.

Mike says….

" Wow, all this sleeping bag for that price, had to give it a go. As always a really great product from a great company. Great warmth to weight ratio, good packability and nice design, really like the synergy link system on these sleeping bags."


Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Compact Plus
The Reactor Compact Plus can increase sleeping bag performance by up to 11c with dual-weight Thermolite® fabric.

Mike says...
" I've been a big fan of sleeping bag liners for many years, normally using a silk version, I was blown away by the Compact Plus.I store it in the bottom of my sleeping bag so it is easy to find and use it religiously on every trip. In general a sleeping bag liner protects your sleeping bag from perspiration, foot powder, deodorant etc so maintaining the sleeping bags insulative values. 

The Compact Plus increases the sleeping bags performance and insulative values so you can use a lighter sleeping bag which is a bonus on the weight and price issue. In the summer months I just use the Compact Plus as a stand alone sleeping bag along with using it in cabins, youth hostels and the like. If you haven’t already got one, buy one NOW. "


Exped Air Pillow Medium
Adjustable height for side and back sleepers. The anatomical shape holds head in place. 

Separate sturdy flat valves for super easy inflation and deflation.

Mike says...


Thermarest Compressible Pillow
Its soft foam filling packs small and expands big, with a new XL size measuring a generous 16.5 x 27 in. (42 x 67 cm) for home-like comfort wherever you are. 

Mike says...
" If you spend a lot of time outdoors, driving for a living, or commute on a train etc, this pillow is just that bit of luxury so you can get your head down in comfort... dreamy. "


Thermarest Ultralite Pillow Case
On the trail it packs down to a miniscule size. At camp, add a down jacket or spare clothing to create a comfortable pillow with a plush surface. 

Mike says...
" If you are going lightweight this pillow case is brilliant. I have struggled when just using my insulated jacket over the years and purchased one of these recently for a trip. It is so light it hardly makes a difference to my pack weight and I store it in the pocket of my insulated jacket ready for use. The biggest difference though is my nights sleep which has improved greatly with this pillow case. "


EXPED SynMat Ultralite

These air mats are filled with synthetic fibre which is comfortable, warm and lightweight. The mats pack down small thanks to exceedingly compressible microfibre.

The new SynMat UL offers unmatched comfort and warmth at a minimal weight and pack size.

Mike says...
" Another Exped mat in my armoury. I use the 9LW in conjunction with the Exped Ergo Combi Hammock. Packs down to nothing and weighs the same but gives a lot back in insulation and comfort. It just keeps getting better my love affair with Exped. "


Exped Megamat

Mega big, mega comfortable, mega warm: the ultimate mat at basecamp, in a camper or for urban nomads - anyone who can trade a bit of extra weight for comfort.

Mike says...
" Excellent fixed camp inflatable mattress, nearly the same dimensions of a single bed. Super comfy and very robust, but you will need the Exped Schnozzel to inflate. "


Thermarest Neoair XTherm

Multiple, reflective ThermaCapture™ layers give the XTherm air mattress true four season warmth without the weight or bulk usually found in a winter-worthy mattress.

Mike says...
" WOW, initially purchased the short version but eventually came upon the medium size. With an R-Value of 5.7 this is an all-season mat with immense warmth to weight ratio. Fitted with the Thermarest Navis sleeping bag I have eventually found the all-season sleep system when combined with my down suit for the winter.

The Neoair XTherm is strongly recommended for a lightweight backpacking all season inflatable mat. "


Thermarest NeoAir XLite

The NeoAir XLite mattress delivers more warmth and comfort per ounce than any other three-season air mattress available.

Mike says….

" I am a massive fan of the Thermarest NeoAir XTherm Max but only use this in late autumn to early spring so i wanted to shed some pack weight on Norway trips and spring/summer trips in the UK. I went for the Xlite primarily for the weight as i purchased the XS version. Really pleased with the comfort and R-value along with the pack size and weight.

When i go on multi-day solo trips i generally take my hammock rigg but don’t always find myself in the woods. The Xlite comes in handy for when i have to ground sleep but i always use it with my hammock also, slipping it between the hammock and underblanket for extra insulation."


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