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Leki Corklite Trekking Poles

The Corklite offers the whole range of features: comfortable Aergon CorTec grips, Super Lock adjustment system for hassle-free pole length adjustment, and ultralight, high-strength aluminium shafts.

Mike says...
" Really light poles for those long days on the trail. Love the Speed Lock system, feels really sure. The grips fit my hands perfect.

I also us the poles to rig up my tarp when ground sleeping and to raise the tarp in porch mode when in a hammock.

As always nice quality, workmanship and design from Leki. "


Exped Dry Bags
The dry bags we recommend are the Exped range. Dry bags are an essential part of your rig, to keep things dry. They come in many sizes from 1 to 140 litre.

Mike says...
" Nearly all items in your rig, either canoeing, camping or any outdoor activity, should be in a dry bag. I pack all my items in individual colour coded bags for ease of use. I have a food bag, possibles bag, extremities bag and so on. Really essential kit. "


Exped Ultralite Fold Dry Bag

Waterproof dry bags with fold-roll-closure made of 15 D Nylon with silicone coating on the outside and PU coating on the inside. Fully seam taped and with a lightweight version of the closure and buckle.

The translucent fabric allows you to recognise the contents

Mike says...
" As a big lover of all things Exped, the Ultralite series of dry bags has been a major part of my trekking rig for sometime. I have replaced all my other Exped Fold drybags for the Ultralite series, saving hundreds of grams of my pack weight. Well done Exped. "


Sea To Summit Evac Dry Sack

It is constructed from waterproof, air permeable eVent® fabric on the base which allows the innovative valve free air expelling capacity, whilst retaining compact packing capabilities.

Mike says...
" Brilliant robust piece of kit. The eVent panel on the base of the sack vents air out so you can really pack your kit tight inside and doesn’t let moisture in. "


Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil eVent Compression Sack

Based on the success of our Compression Dry Sack, we’ve made a lightweight version from 30D Ultra-Sil®

Mike says...
" A great compression bag for clothes or a sleeping bag. I have just recently used this on a trip to Norway and it proved a great piece of kit for my sleeping bag. I really like the eVent base so you can nearly vac pack the contents to reduce bulk in your pack. As always a well thought out piece of kit from Sea To Summit. "


Granite Gear Air Zippsack

Our ultralight zippered stowage solution. They are much more accessible than a stuffsack and, because of their shape, they tend to fit well into your pack.
Mike says...
" The Granite Gear Air Zippsacks have complemented my rig considerably over the few months I have been using them. I keep all those odd items that don't seem to fit anywhere else in them, which compartmentalises my kit further and makes stuff easier to find. "


Noaks Bags

Waterproof according to the industry standard IPX8 to at least 10 meters. Suitable for all devices with a touch screen, phone calls without limitations.

Mike says...
" Great addition to any outdoor rig. I use Noaks Bags for maps, tech, dried foods and numerous other tasks. I like their robustness and the double zip-lock seal"


Exped Vista Organiser

Quick access zippered Vista Organisers are transparent and weatherproof. They come in 3 sizes from A6 to A4 and hold anything from valuables to documents, maps, books, pens or toiletry items.

Mike says...
" A great system for compartmentalising your equipment in a fixed camp. I use mine for such items as pot washing kit, toilet kit, utensils set etc. "


Tasmanian Tiger File Server

Open-out document pocket with practical interior organisation.

Mike says...
" Another great office item that’s fits and works well with the Tasmanian Tiger Document Bag. I use the file server for storing insurance documents, health and safety documents, qualifications etc. The quick access section on the front allows my site-specific risk assessment, along with any emergency procedures, for that day to be visible and protected behind a clear window. "


Lifeventure RFiD Document Wallet

This comprehensive RFiD travel wallet will hold all your travel documents while you're on the road. It has enough capacity to manage all your essential items for as long as you need.

Multiple pockets inside ensure everything stays organised and water-resistant zips keep your things safe in the most chaotic conditions. Includes 9 card pockets and 3 additional pockets for notes or tickets and an internal zip pocket too.

Mike says...
Sally and I purchased two of these prior to our Norway trip and they became invaluable. Storing all our cards and passports and splitting the cash between us we were safe in the knowledge that if either of us lost a Document Wallet we had a back up.

Not only this but the radio frequency identification ( RFiD ) gave us the confidence that our identity wouldn’t be stolen. If you travel on a regular basis I strongly suggest the RFiD Document Wallet. "

7 Strand Paracord

Genuine Tru-Spec 7 Strand Paracord, 550 Nylon Braided Cord. Each cord contains 7 removable inner strands that can be used for emergency situations.

Mike says...
" Never go anywhere without at least 10 m of this stuff, thousands of uses. "


Nite Ize Gear Line
Whether you're organizing your tent, garage, closet or rec room, our hang-anywhere, hang-anything Gear Line will keep your tools, sporting gear, pet collars, clothing, and accessories of all kinds lined up and tidy - it's so colourful and smart, it almost makes the job fun.

Mike says...
" I got one of these (the 4 foot one is best) before my trip to Knoydart. I thought at first it would be one of those gadgets you could do without, but very quickly I was using it to dry boots and trainers, washing, hanging a food bag from and loads more. In a fixed camp I couldn't do without it. "


Beal Accessory Cord
Beal Accessory Cord - 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm.

Mike says...
" Brilliant cord for everything around camp. I keep a reel of 3mm and 5mm in my vehicle at all times. Cracking stuff. "


Tatonka Riemen ST Straps

Packstrap for minimising volume. This strap enables you to compress your luggage and save volume. Or the strap can be used to attach baggage to the outside of your rucksack.

Mike says...
" I bought a ruck of these recently for strapping various items to my roof rack. I am very impressed with the quality of the straps, putting a great amount of load on them to ensure nothing shifts around - or more importantly falls off while on the move. Excellent piece of kit, with a thousand uses. "


McNett Tenacious Sealing and Repair Tape

Use Tenacious Tape™ to patch up and repair all sorts of outdoor gear.  Make in-field repairs on tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more.  With super-aggressive stick and clean adhesive technology, Tenacious Tape takes duct tape to the max.

Mike says...
" For years I used to only carry Gaffa or Duct tape in my gear. This has now almost been ditched for Tenacious Tape. This repairs rips in jackets, split shoes or boot uppers, tearsin rucksacks or drybags. In Knoydart we even repaired an inflatable boat with it. Magnificent stuff. "


Duct Tape - Olive 50mtr Reel

50 metre roll of olive duct tape. Very tear-resistant, PE-coated polyester with natural rubber adhesive.

Mike says...
" Duct tape goes hand in hand with cable ties and some thin gauge wire. This stuff has a million uses. "


Blackspur Cable Ties

Handy packs of cable ties. Great for all kinds of repairs.

Mike says...
" Loads of uses for cable ties around camp or on the trail. Over the years I have fixed rucksacks, boots, gun slips and a load of other stuff. I carry loads in a tool box in my vehicle and about six in the possibles pouch in my rucksack. "


Nalgene Bottles
These Nalgene containers are guaranteed leakproof. There's no better brand on the market for transporting lotions, liquids and powders with peace of mind from spills and leaks that can damage or stain your valuable clothing and luggage. Ideal for all soaps and liquids.

Mike says...
" Nalgene bottles are ideal for putting together a wash kit, cutting tool or rifle cleaning kit or anything else you can think of. My trekking brew kit is made from the 60ml HDPE bottles, got loads, need more. "


Nalgene HDPE Widemouth Water Bottles

Made of durable HDPE. Comes with a smaller 53mm loop-top cap. Round for easy storage. Dishwasher safe (top rack).

Mike says...
" Excellent no nonsense water bottle that is easily cleaned. I also use them to store coffee, tea bags and dry food stuffs which they are brilliant for. A good tip to stop the lid getting in the way when it is open is to unscrew the lid loop off the thread, turn it over and screw back on. By doing this when you open the lid it flips away from the opening. "


Pedco UltraPod 2 Camera Stand
The UltraPod® II is a larger portable camera tripod with the same features as the UltraPod® I except designed to support larger cameras, compact camcorders, spotting scopes, and binoculars. It features sturdy, fold-out legs, a unique ball and socket camera mount assembly, and a strong Velcro® strap for securing to tree limbs, railings, pack frames, or other similar objects. The feet of the UltraPod II are covered with non-slip vinyl, preventing the tripod from moving. The UltraPod II folds to a compact 7″ length to fit in a pocket or camera bag.

Mike says...
" I use the UltraPod 2 pretty much all the time when I am out filming. It holds my handycam and phone and even straps to my trekking poles. Packs down well and doesn’t weigh much either. "


Luger MZ 5-15x17 Monocular
Offering superb optical quality when weight and size need to be kept to a minimum.

Mike says...
" I have just recently purchased this monocular for my trekking trips. Wanting something that was lightweight, easy to use and readily available that didn't cost the earth I plumped for the MZ as it fitted all the criteria. I have just used it in anger on a trip to Wasdale and found it to be excellent in all aspects I was looking for. The zoom is smooth and efficient, the clarity is good for the price and the 15x17 magnification is more than I am used to with my normal binoculars. It sits well with all my other kit and will be taken on all my lightweight journeys in the future. "


Luger DX Binoculars
Whether for hiking, trekking, a mountain tour or as your partner in hunting - LUGER DX top model leaves nothing more to be desired.

The expert for low light conditions: Due to its 5.25 mm exit pupil, the DX 8x42 yields a very bright image. The near focus of only 2.5 m marks the best value among all LUGER roof prism binoculars (together with the DX 10x42). The wide field of view (114 m) affords a magnificent vista.

Mike says...
" I was looking for a well constructed, waterproof bino for field observation of wildlife on day trips. Without spending the earth on a pair of Swarovskis, the Luger DX fitted the bill. Good light intake at dawn and dusk, especially in the forest, I have these in my vehicle constantly now and on day long wildlife trips. Cracking bit of kit and not too expensive. "


Powerpax Battery Storage Cases
Safe storage system for your batteries whilst on the move.

Mike says...
" I always used to worry about carrying spare batteries - not anymore. The Powerpax are brilliant at keeping those ever important batteries from making any connection and draining the power and a lot safer too. "


Simple and easy to fit, these hard wearing, reusable clips instantly create a strong securing point or eyelet on any type of tarpaulin, canvas or synthetic material wherever you want in seconds no tools required, no damage to the material.

Mike says...
" Clingons are brilliant for holding down tarps and the like if an intermediate or broken eyelet is needed. "


Nite Ize S-Biner Metal
Why Settle for a Carabiner ? Get Two in One ? Store valuables on one end, clip with the other, connect items together.

Mike says...
" Got a rake of these in all sizes, really handy bits of kit for around camp, car or home. Ideal for safely hanging lanterns from or bits of kit under your tarp. "


Nite Ize Figure 9 Black Small

The Nite Ize Figure 9 makes tightening any line a stress-free task. From tying awkward objects to the back of a truck or vehicle to organizing tools or items in the garage, this handy tool secures large loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight and it stays that way.

Mike says...
" A great little gadget for quickly tensioning cord, I tend to use these on tarp guy lines where some cord tends to stretch when its wet.. "


Grivel Rotor Carabiner

Screwgate Carabiner.

Mike says...
" Great little carabiner to keep those precious keys safe, that's what I use it for anyway. We have sold these to Husky dog teams for there gang lines also. Loads of uses, great construction and rated for tools. NB: NOT FOR CLIMBING. "


Grivel K5N - Delta D Screwgate Carabiner
D Shaped Screwgate Carabiner.

Mike says...
" Good all round climbing carabiner, good action with positive sprung screw gate. "


DD Superlight Karabiners - 2 Pack

Suitable to support weights up to 400kg (tested properly at this weight). Perfect for hammocks. Made in the UK and weigh only 8g.

Mike says...
" Strong, light and easy to use karabiner for the DD Superlight range. "