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Mini Trangia

This Mini Trangia has a 0.8 litre pot, non-stick frying pan, spirit burner, windshield and handle.
The Trangia fuel bottles come in 0.3, 0.5 and 1 litre versions, with safety valve. The multi disc is a chopping board, collander and prevents the frying pan from being scratched.

Mike says...
" I just can't fault Trangia. I have used them all over the world and they have never let me down. For lightweight trips I take the Mini Trangia, stored inside a billy can. For longer trips or in a fixed camp I take the 25-5 even if I am on my own. The reason for this is the 25-5 pots are big enough to make two meals at once, so the next day I can re-heat a stew for example and have a quick lunch. Always carry meths in the Trangia bottle - I have seen and heard of some nasty accidents, one fatal, of people carrying meths in flimsy plastic bottles. Always ensure the burner is out and thoroughly cooled down before re-filling, and carry a spare O ring. The non-stick versions are worth their weight in gold. "


Trangia Triangle
Lightweight spirit burner holder and pot stand.

Mike says...
" A new piece of kit from Trangia. I am a lover of all things Trangia and this flat, packable stainless steel burner holder and pot stand is great. I use it for those lightweight days out in the mountains or for a quick bivvy over-nighter. Little tricky to assemble at first but with some practice it is ready to go in seconds. Great no-nonsense piece of kit. "


Trangia Gel Burner
This burner is to be used when cooking with Ethanol Gels. It will fit all 27 and 25 stoves, the Mini Trangia and Trangia Triangle.

Mike says...
The Trangia Gel Burner has been on the radar for some time and it was only through customer queries I purchased one with 1 litre of gel to have a play. The Gel Burner holds approximately 50ml of gel and I can make 6 brews from this.The gel starts my fires, can be lit with a spark or flame and is extinguished easily either by the lid of the burner or a quick blow. It cools quickly so I can pack it away while drinking my brew.

The Gel Burner is now firmly ensconced in my trekking rig along with 250ml og gel - I'm a complete gel convert! "



Trangia Gas Burner

Gas burner fits the Trangia Triangle and all Trangia stoves except for the Mini Trangia.

Mike says,,,,
" Great add on onto a Trangia set for quick, clean and  efficient cooking. "


Trangia Multidisc

Original Trangia Multi-disc can be used for lots of different purposes.

Mike says….


" A real must as an add on to any Trangia stove system. The multidisc can be used as a stand for the cooking system in deep snow, a chopping board, fire wafter, fan to keep you cool, collander, frisbee and anything else you can think of. I have cut one down to fit in my Mini Trangia set which works great."


Vargo Decagon Titanium Alcohol Stove
With no movable parts and a one-piece titanium construction, you’ll see why the Decagon is a step above the rest.

Mike says...
In the Spring and Summer I like to change my cooking method from gas or wood-gas to gel or bio-ethanol. Gel and bio-ethanol takes a little longer to boil water but the weather is generally warmer so no rush. The Vargo Decagon is a lightweight no frills stove that when primed is really fast and efficient. I have fitted an aluminium base plate on the bottom of the stove so I can place fuel around the base to hasten the priming process. It also fits really well inside my cooking pot. "


Solo Stove Lite

Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove Lite is a natural convection inverted downgas gasifer stove.

Mike says...
" Being a big fan of wood-gas technology over the years the Solo Stove does not disappoint. A really well made, well engineered and super-efficient stove that will never run out of fuel. "


Kelly Kettle

Strong with nothing to fail or break, our kettles work extremely well in both good and harsh weather conditions. They are a vital piece of camping equipment for any outdoor person. Using whatever natural fuel is lying around (twigs, dry grass, heather, birch bark, pine cones, dry animal dung, etc) our kettles will bring water to the boil within a matter of minutes. Never carry fuel again.

Mike says...
" Good to see the original Kelly Kettle back in store. I still use these on a regular basis when I am either fixed or vehicle camping, the ultimate water boiler - whatever the weather. "


Optimus Vega Stove
It offers two ways of cooking in one stove.  When cooking in cold temperatures or when extra fast boil times are needed, just open the gas canister support legs and turn your gas canister upside down and continue cooking in the 4 Season Mode.  For excellent efficiency and precision cooking on a low flame use the Efficiency Mode. The Optimus Vega has the lowest profile in its category. This means superior stability, especially for larger pots.  The included windscreen with rounded corners easily adjusts to two sizes.

Mike says...
" 12,580 BTU in 4 season mode WOW. By the time I have dropped a tea bag in my cup the water is boiling, unreal. Great low profile while on rough ground with exceptional power, brilliant stove for getting things hot quickly, and packs down well too. "


Optimus Crux Stove
Thanks to an innovative folding burner head and the convienient strap-on protective stuffbag, the Optimus Crux packs down to nothing and stores in the empty base of your LP gas canister.

A technical wonder designed for weight chasers who refuse to compromise cooking performance.

Mike says...
" At the time I was looking for a no-nonsense cooking pot, which I found in the GSI Hallulite Minimilist, I also had my eye out for a powerful lightweight gas stove that would fit inside the pot. We had very recently acquired back instore the Optimus range of stoves.

As always I studied the form, weight, BTU output, burn time, pack ability etc and set my sights on the Optimus Crux. I really like this stove - at freezing temperatures I can boil 300ml of water in just over a minute, it has a great adjusting arm for when you want to reduce heat for simmering, and best of all the burner head folds flat and fits in the dish under a gas canister. The small neoprene bag that comes with the stove is a great little gizmo. You place the folded stove in the split sleeve at the base of the bag, then put your gas canister in and tie off with a funky bungee cord system. This then fits nicely into the GSI Hallulite Minimilist with no rattling.

To conclude, a brilliantly designed and engineered stove for those who want to travel light. "


Soto Windmaster +4Flex Combo Stove

This well-made stove is able to stand up to harsh conditions. The Soto OD-1RXC is designed so the pot sits close to the flame, making it more efficient in windy weather. Results in increased efficiency and boil time. Boil 2 cups of water in under 2-1/2 minutes in strong winds and gusty weather.

Mike says….

" I had to give one of these ago so went ahead and purchased one. I really like this stove especially how the concaved burner head acts as a windshield and the interchangeable pot supports. I have used this stove with a myriad of pots with very similar results and the above boiling time is open to speculation dependant on pot type, water temperature and wind speed however.

But one thing is clear, it is really well thought out, has great workmanship on all components and has a very adjustable valve if you need to simmer food. Takes standard screw on gas canisters."

Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

MiniMo delivers UNMATCHED simmer control, metal handles, and a low spoon angle for easy eating!

Mike says...
For some time I have been looking for the ultimate cooking pot and I think I have found it. After the usual mods of removing the insulated jacket and reducing the silicone on the handles it’s perfect. 

Firstly, the flux ring really works well on all stoves not just gas, it is large enough to place two boil in the bag meals and heat enough water for cooking and hygiene. I'm currently using the Vargo Decagon as my alcohol stove and this fits perfectly in the base. For a woodgas option the Solo Stove fits neatly in the pot. The gas burner is super quick and efficient too. It works great around an open fire and I can use it as a mug.

It has taken a little time to find but the Mini Mo is now firmly entrenched in my rig. "


Jetboil Flash Cooking System

This system lights with the click of a button and in just over 2 minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal.

Mike says...
" A great quick system to boil water rapidly in those cold days out on the hill. The Jetboil has proven itself on many trips, and is great also for warming up boil in the bag foods. Often copied, never equalled. "



Petromax Griddle and Firebowl

A campfire can be lit on the fire bowl in order not to damage the ground, or the griddle can be put over an open fire on its three detachable screw in legs  in order to prepare a delicious meal.

Mike says...
" Pan fried duck breast with Asian noodles, chapattis, nan bread, sizzling marinated pork loin... my mouth waters. The griddle is a brilliant cooking tool that stows nearly flat when packed away, has loads of uses in camp, I even use it to toast bread. If you are going to use it over a fire it is worth getting the carry bag to keep everything else clean. "


Optimus Clip On Windshield
Increases stove efficiency and substantially reduces gas consumption. Fits every gas canister according to EN417 and pots with max. diameter 13 cm (5 in).

Compatible with standard pots and high profile heat exchange pots.

Mike says...
" Does exactly what it says on the tin, a real must if you are conscious of managing your fuel on extended trips, especially in exposed areas such as the mountains. "


Optimus Sparky
Piezo igniter for gas stoves.

Mike says...
" At first the Optimus Sparky looked like a bit of a gimmick as I normally used a Firesteel to light my gas stove. I pushed the boat out and purchased one and they are brilliant, not effected by cold temperatures, safer and more controllable to use than a Firesteel especially in a tent vestibule. This little piece of kit will be in my rig for years to come. "


Jetboil Pot Support
The locking stainless steel Pot Support adapts the Jetboil burner to use pots and pans.

Mike says...
" A great way to easily convert a Jetboil Flash so you can use other pans and pots. Stores inside the Jetboil Flash pot with the gas and stove. "


Tatonka Tea Pot 1 Litre
A stainless steel kettle that has folding handles and a tea and coffee filter.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit if you like loose tea and real coffee, as I do. It also has the added bonus of fitting inside the Trangia 25-5. "


Tatonka Family Pot 6 Litres
The large noodle pan from the Family Cook Set is now also available separately. With a capacity of 6 litres, it is also ideal for feeding bigger groups of campers.

Mike says...
" Great all round cooking or hot water pot for bigger groups. Works just as well on stoves as over an open fire, great stuff. "


Primus Campfire Pot 5L
Durable 18/8 stainless steel sauce pan with a metal foldaway handle and metal lid to enable the pot to be used over open fire.

Mike says...
" A great gauge of stainless steel being used on this pot. I use the 5 litre version when I am out teaching and gives enough capacity to make a brew for 12-14 people. Really like the bail arm which I hang from a tripod over the fire. It also makes it’s way into the kitchen from time to time to make soup, which is nice. "


Solo Stove Pot 900

The lightweight Solo Stove Pot 900 is the companion pot crafted specifically for use with the Solo Stove.

Mike says...
" The Solo Stove Pot 900 works really well with the Solo Stove. It is good around the fire and works well with both gas and meths burners. The Solo Stove also fits nicely inside the pot for efficient pack size. "


Zebra Billy Can
A good all round Billy can, made of high quality stainless steel.

Mike says...
" It's great to see the Zebra range back in the store. I have been a lover of these Billy’s for years. Their intention is to be used as a lunch pale. You put your food you want to keep cool in the bottom of the Billy, then place on the internal tray and add ice. Put on the lid and raise the bale arm to lock the lid in place. I have never tried this, but they are great when full of boiling hot coffee, soup or stew - and can even be arranged to be used as a small oven for baking Bannock. They are great used as a gathering pale for nuts and berries, and can even be used as a digging tool. They work well on gas and multi fuel stoves, as well as being used over or around a campfire.

Everyone should have a Zebra Billy. "


Optimus Terra Weekend HE Cookset
The special heat exchanger reduces "time to boil" by 20%, making your stove energy efficient and saving fuel when cooking.

Set includes:
- 0.95 litre Heat Exchange saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (ml and oz)
- Fry pan that doubles as a lid
- Mesh storage bag

Mike says...
" A great little trekking pot that fits Look What We Found meals easily. The heat exchanger is a real bonus cutting down on cooking time and conserving fuel. Cleans up well also in the field. Good job Optimus. "


Petromax Dutch Oven

Perfect for cooking over an open fire and in your kitchen, it allows you to enjoy cooking (e.g. vegetables, meat) in a whole new way. It features a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter. The Petromax Dutch Oven is made of durable cast iron and has a pre-seasoned finish ready for immediate use. Prepare and cook delicious and healthy food for your friends and family with the Petromax Dutch Oven.
Mike says...
" I have recently been teaching Bolton Wildlife Trust on the wonderful art of cooking with an open fire. I purchased a Petromax Dutch oven and made bread, a full roast beef dinner with vegetables  and an apple crumble. Not only did is taste good the Dutch oven worked really well and cooked everything to perfection. Can't wait to get out there again and try more recipes. "


Petromax Scraper for Dutch Ovens & Skillets

With this handy scraper, you can remove stubborn cooking and frying residues from hard to reach areas of your Dutch ovens and fire skillets. The scraper cleans cast and wrought iron without attacking the valuable patina, for it adjusts perfectly to the inside of Dutch ovens, fire skillets and loaf pans.
Mike says...
" A real must have if you do a lot of cast iron cookery to save the patina on your pots and skillets. "


Petromax Fire Skillet

Whether for cooking outdoors over an open fire or at home on the stove, everyone needs a cast-iron skillet, which is available in three different sizes.
Mike says...
" As I write I have visions of a full English breakfast sizzling away in the large skillet, or pan fried venison fillet, maybe pancakes……. I’m off to the kitchen. "


Petromax Wrought Iron Pans

High-quality wrought iron with excellent heat conductivity for a perfect steak outdoors or at home.
Mike says...
" I am probably the world's biggest Petromax fan and the Wrought Iron Pans fit the bill on our cookery courses or when I'm in a fixed camp. After a bit of seasoning this no nonsense bit of kit keeps getting better with every use. They clean up easily, have a good long handle with a hook end for hanging in camp - and is not too far away from indestructible.

Great job Petromax. "


Petromax Sandwich Iron

The sandwich iron is perfectly suitable for delicious toasts, bagels or dumplings. Whether as a snack at the campfire or as a great addition to your BBQ menu: sandwiches will now be toasted in the cast-iron moulds in the embers of the campfire or on the barbecue. The toasted bread is crusty and the stuffing deliciously juicy, the pans of the sandwich iron store heat perfectly.
Mike says...
" In a fixed camp or on the Barbie it makes great toasties. You can split the sandwich iron in two and make small individual omelettes or use them as small frying pans. "


Petromax Flexible Spatula

The flexible Spatula for Grills and Pans is ideal to turn over meat, fish and vegetables that are being grilled and fried.
Mike says...
" Great spatula especially using it with the Petromax Griddle and Firebowl. Loads of flex and gets under those burgers and fried eggs with ease. Top Tip:- buy the long handled version. "


Petromax Lid Lifter

Thanks to its unique design, you can easily lift your Dutch oven’s hot lid.
Mike says...
" A real must-have piece of kit while using Dutch ovens. "


Petromax Aramid Glove

The fireproof aramid synthetic fibres with a heat-protective coating offer optimal protection up to a temperature of 300°C (572°F).
Mike says...
" A real must for cooking around an open fire, handling pots, fry pans, skillets etc. I really like the forearm length of the glove as I have many cooking scars from using wrist length alternatives. "


Coghlans Heavy Duty Grill

This heavy duty camp grill is ideal for when using cast iron cookware.

Mike says...
" In a large fixed camp where fire is allowed this grill is great. I can place several large pots on top and manage the fire underneath and it folds away fairly flat for storage in a vehicle.

Great piece of kit for the money
. "


Coghlans Pack Grill

Folds flat for easy storage or packing.

Mike says...
" Smashing little folding lightweight grill which I usually take with me when I am teaching to either cook meat or fish over the fire when time is limited. Good price too
. "


Petromax Cooking Stand

The Petromax Cooking Stand is the perfect complement to outdoor cooking.

Mike says...
" A well thought out engineered pot stand. Due to the quality construction, materials and design the cooking stand can take large heavy pots and is easy to add fuel to the fire.
Packs away neat too. "


Petromax Transportation Bag For Dutch Oven
The bag is available in different sizes. That way, this transport bag, embroided with the Petromax dragon logo, is the ideal choice for carrying Dutch ovens of very different sizes or your Petromax Atago.

Mike says...
" A real must for your Dutch oven, keeps your vehicle or canoe free of soot. If you have Dutch ovens and don't have a bag for them, get one. "


Optimus Titanium Long Spoon

Stand-up pouches have been highly popular for some time, and the Long Spoon now allows you to easily get down to the very last morsels.  The handle of this light-weight titanium spoon has exactly the length required to relish your outdoor menus with true style after an eventful day outdoors.

Mike says...
" If you like boil in the bag meals, this spoon gets right to the bottom and into those corners where you normally get food all over your hands. So light you don't know you are carrying it, and very easy to clean. Excellent stuff. "


Esbit Titanium Folding Spoon
Foldable ultra-light Titanium spoon that weighs 18 grams.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit. "


Petromax Teakettle

The Petromax Teakettle is made of high-quality stainless steel, so water boils quickly and easily on an open fire as well as on an electric or gas cooker and induction.

Mike says...
" A really well made kettle that can be used in the home. The kettle works brilliantly over the fire with a tripod and with the multi-layered base the fire can nearly burn out and you still have hot water. A constant supply of hot water in a fixed camp is always a good idea for washing the pots and yourself along with a good supply of hot drinks. The Teakettle is one of those items that will last for years. "


GSI Glacier Stainless Tea Kettle

Classic, low-profile design provides the capacity of a 1 litre ultralight boiler in the easy-to-pour profile of a tea kettle.

Mike says...
" I have had one of these for a number of years and really like it. Made of strong gauge stainless steel, easy fold down handle, wide lid opening if you have to melt snow and a great pourer. It fits nicely inside the large Trangia set too. "


Petromax Coffee Percolator
The Petromax Tea and Coffee Percolator allows you to brew your preferred coffee or favourite tea while preserving their natural flavour.

With the Petromax Percolator you can make up to 9 cups (ca. 1.5l) of coffee or tea at once. It is the ideal choice for outdoor, camping, and garden activities.

Mike says...
" For that cowboy feel around camp this percolator works great. I have used it in and around a fire, on a Trangia and LPG stove and it works great on all. Not tried tea though, but looks like Larch tea is on the cards next spring. "


Stanley Classic Flask 1Ltr

Vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 24 hours.

Mike says...
" I still have one of these that I purchased as an 18 year old soldier. It now looks like it has been dropped 20 feet from a building and fallen out the back of a Land Rover doing 50 MPH... wait a minute that’s what really happened to it. Now 30 years on it still is in working order and gives me a hot cuppa on those cold days in the woods. When I recommend something and say "bombproof" - this probably is. "


Wildo Fold-A-Cup Big

Fits easily in day bag or pocket. Suitable for hot beverages as well.

Mike says...
" A million and one uses for this really versatile cup. I use the large version as a mixing bowl for Bannock, bailing floating ice out of the whole before ice fishing - as well as a coffee mug. Marvellous. "



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