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Enzo Necker 70 Knife Black Micarta / Kydex Sheath

Excellent small neck knife from Enzo in Black Micarta*, with Kydex Sheath.

Mike says...
" Nice little knife to have around when your in the woods. Sharpens easy, good for feather sticks and carving projects along with dressing out game. Decent price too. "


Mora Eldris

Our smallest new arrival ever! The blade is 2 mm thick and 59 mm long, or in this case, short. This means that the knife is simple and efficient to keep in your pocket or rucksack, and you still get all the benefits of strength and safety from the fixed blade.

Mike says...
" A cracking little knife that I take trekking abroad. Great for small woodcraft projects and preparing food. Light, compact and easy to maintain. "


Hultafors Knives

Robust working knives from Sweden.

Mike says...
" As per the Frost Mora range, these knives are comparable to each other. I like the craftsman’s knife with the friction grip, and the safety knife is great if you are working with young people, the rounded butter knife end will reduce a stab injury. Good knives at an excellent price. "


Casstrom Woodsman Knife
WOODSMAN - a bushcraft knife from Casström. A classic wilderness knife designed by English custom knife maker Roger Harrington.

Mike says...
" Having known Roger for a while and owning a couple of his custom knives I was pretty sure when I purchased this knife it would work well, and it does. Even though these knives are produced in higher quantities it feels like a custom knife. Great value for money. "


Mora Companion Knife
An easily maintained carbon steel knife.

Mike says...
" I believe a fixed bladed knife should be carried always in the outdoors. The companion is a low budget, high performance knife that will do a million jobs well. Always keep the knife razor sharp and well maintained, and if you don’t know how to use it correctly and safely - learn. "


Morakniv 2000
This is a first class all-round knife with profile grinding on the blade making it an optimal choice when taking care of the hunt.

Mike says...
" Even though a little long for me I really like this knife. Sharpens well and is easy to maintain especially on wild game, good for feather sticks and batoning wood down and across the grain. I am thinking of giving the wife the Mora Eldris and chucking this in my pack for the next Norway trip. "


Mora Knife Classic No 1
The Classic Mora Knife range has been in continuous production for over a century, and has been utilised by generations of carpenters and wood carvers. The tradition can be explained by the knives - with their classic red Birchwood handle - being pleasant to work with and having just the right feel.

Mike says...
" I was clearing some old boxes out the loft some time ago and came across my Mora Classic, since then I have been constantly using it. A simple design that can be used all day for many tasks, brilliant. "


Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4
A durable outdoor knife with friction grip suitable for tough tasks in the field.

Mike says...
" A no frills good all round knife for the woods. Handles well, sharpens and cleans easy. I don’t dress any game with it due to the design of handle, but hey a great knife for the money. "


This is the latest edition of the reversible combination knife invented and made by EKA knives of Sweden, a knife that has changed the world of deer stalking.

Mike says...
" If you carry out lots of game preparation as I do throughout the year, the G3 is a great tool for the job. The gut hook is excellent for opening the stomach cavity and on the inside of legs with the blade being used for jointing etc. It comes very sharp and made of high quality Sandvik stainless steel and is really easy to clean. "


Camillus Stockman

Yello-Jaket 2-Blade Premium Stockman Pocket Knife.

Mike says….

" This little legal folder i use regularly at home and in the shop. Really nicely made, doesn’t wear a pocket out and you don’t know it’s there until you need it."

EKA Butcher Set
A professional set of butcher knives comprising the famous EKA gut opener, a skinning knife with a 16cm blade, a boning knife with a 15cm blade and a sharpening steel.

Mike says...
" Seeing as I butcher and dress a high percentage of my own meat I purchased the EKA Butcher Set and it works really well. It is easy to maintain, sharpens and cleans real easy and with the carry case I can transport it to the game rather than the other way around. "


Hultafors Aby Forest Axe

Our forest axe is a beautiful hybrid with many types of use. Aby has a straighter edge and grinding, and a good finger notch below the head for increased precision. The long, thin ergonomic handle minimizes the weight, at the same time giving you great force when striking. This axe is perfect for shelter building, processing firewood, and carving as well as precision work.

Mike says….

" Well, i couldn’t agree more with the above paragraph. I took this axe into our wood, felled a tree, bucked it up, split some lengths for firewood and carved a spoon and spatula. I really like this thing, great work Hultafors, it’s been a long time coming."

Cold Steel Norse Hawk Tomahawk

Capturing the Viking, spirit, the Norse Hawk's 4" blade features a highly curved cutting edge and terminates in two sharp points. These points increase the chance of a stick when the Norse Hawk is thrown.

Mike says...
" If you like throwing sharp objects into targets like me, the Cold Steel Norse Hawk is ideal. Comparatively cheap to purchase and easy to maintain, hours of fun can be had.

Note: this is designed for throwing either for pleasure or competition. Not advisable to be used as a cutting tool. Ensure the sheath is purchased also for safety. "


Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

There are a bewildering number of throwing knives on the market these days, and it seems that most of them are made out of cheap steel that bends or, in the worse case scenario, stainless steel that breaks. That's why we made the True Flight Thrower. The Cold Steel® True Flight Thrower beats the competition by a wide margin.

Mike says...
" I have had a number of throwing knives over the years and must admit I prefer throwing a knife to an axe. This knife is well balanced and on a 6 meter throw can stick in 50mm into my Beech throwing block. For competition  throwing it is best to throw three knives and add the score together. Hours of fun. "


Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel
The Special Forces Shovel is modelled after the original Soviet Spetznaz shovel.The Spetznaz soldiers made up the most elite unit in the Soviet Army. The U.S. equivalent would be the Green Berets. The shovel head and socket are forgedfrom medium carbon steel, then heat treated for maximum strength. The edges come sharpened to a utility/axe edge that can easily be improved to razor sharpness.

Mike says...
" In alarge fixed camp or a vehicle the SF Shovel is a real bonus. Ideal for digging latrines, chopping roots, moving hot rocks about etc and if you manage to break the handle, which is unlikely, you can carve another one, Ash is the preferred wood for this. It is advisable to purchase the sheath as the edge is sharp. "


Casstrom Wood carving Knife 8cm

A classic Scandinavian Wood Carving knife, or Sloyd in a sturdy format. Made of alloyed carbon steel and hardened and tempered to about 60 HRC to keep a good edge.

Mike says….

" Great knife for carving projects, easy to sharpen and a good temper to hold that cutting edge. Used it loads on many projects and the leather sheath is a great bonus."


Mora Crook Knife 162, 163 and 164

Great tools for producing cups and utensils.
Mike says...
" Nice tools to carry, especially if you intend to carry out woodcraft projects in the evenings around the fire. The Native American version of this style are essential in Northwood’s travel. "


Casstrom Crook Knife

Spoon knife or hook knife for making spoons, kuksas and bowls from wood in a traditional way.
Mike says...
" A nicely made crook knife with a great little handy leather sheath. I have used this knife to produce some nice Kuksas over the past few months and have only stropped it once which tells me the temper is good. A nice fit of the handle ensures hot spots and blisters don’t form with extended use. "


Mora Carving Knife 120
The 120 is a classic woodcarving knife, with its shorter blade length for finer work, a natural birch handle attached firmly to the full length tang.

Mike says...
" If your getting into carving, these knives are a must. Low cost as with all Mora knives, but with huge return on workmanship and design. As in the blurb - a pleasure to use. "


Boreal 21 Saw with Sidney All Purpose Blade

The BOREAL21™ is a revolutionary 21 inch folding bow saw that effortlessly unfolds in seconds for easy, high performance cuts.

Mike says...
" This saw took some finding and setting up with the guys in Canada, anyhow now it’s done and well worth the effort. As always this type of kit needs a good test and no better place than a Spruce plantation. After many hours felling and crosscutting dead Spruce the saw is still standing up well with all the components in good order.

I'd also recommend you get the sheath which stows spare blades and C clips. This comes in handy when you have to haul wood back to camp as you can sling it over your back keeping your hands free. "


Bahco Laplander Saw
A classic bushcraft folding saw used by most instructors around the country.

Mike says...
" Another essential item if woodland camping. The saw is far more efficient and safer than using an axe. As previously mentioned I carry my Laplander on my person. "


Kershaw Taskmaster Saw
If you’ve never owned a folding handsaw before, you should. If you have, you already know how handy these things are and the Taskmaster Saw is an excellent choice. Of course, it’s great for camping or hunting trips - compact and tough enough to take on even sizable branches, but it’s also perfect for backyard tasks.

Mike says...
" I noticed this in a new Kershaw catalogue back in June 2016. I got my hands on one and headed to the woods to see what it was made of. The whole construction and dimensions are the same as the Bahco Laplander but I found the rubber overlayed handle a real bonus when it was raining.

The blade is super sharp and is great for pruning, it also locks closed and open which is a mega bonus when in use and in storage.

In essence the Kershaw Taskmaster is a Bahco Laplander on steroids. "


Leatherman Wave
A precision multi tool that anyone involved in the outdoors should carry.

Mike says...
" The Wave is a great tool to have in your kit. The Wave has the added advantage of having an engineers file and diamond steel, so is great for sorting out an axe that has got a nick in the cutting edge. I use the needle nose pliers as a disgorger when fishing, along with a myriad of other uses. Great piece of kit. "


Leatherman Juice CS4
The Leatherman Juice Cs4 is our second largest Juice model, and just like its bigger brother, it's the perfect size for a purse, pocket, glove or tackle-box. Smaller hands will appreciate all the same power and features as our full-size model, with handles sculpted just for them.

Mike says...
" I have been a massive fan of Leatherman for years, with the Wave being in my rig for the same amount of time. I needed a multitool that was smaller and lighter for carrying in my trekking bag - so a little research brought me to the Juice CS4. As always, never disappointed with a Leatherman. Super-duppa. "


Work Sharp Standard Edition

The Original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own.

Mike says...
" I purchased one of these around 18 months ago to give it a good try out. When we carry out our courses we use the Mora knives and Hultafors axes that the students borrow for the duration of the course. The Work Sharp reduces my workshop time from six hours to one when I have to maintain all the tools after the course. It works out all the sharpening angles for knives and with the flexibility of the belt keeps the profile of the axes in shape. Using the 6000 grit belt to finish and polish the edge then with a good fast strop all the tools are super sharp and ready for the next course. "


Fallkniven CC4 Ceramic Whetstone

The newly-developed CC4 whetstone consists of a super fine ceramic stone (white side) (0,1 micron) and a ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires (dark gray) (1 micron).

Mike says...
" Great lightweight pocket stone to bring your cutting tools to a fine edge. Eventually it will need a clean, so either wash it with the pots or use an eraser to clean the surfaces. Oh, and don't drop it on a hard surface. Great piece of kit. "


Fallkniven DC4 Combination Diamond/Ceramic Whetstone
We are happy to present something everyone has been waiting for, a combination diamond/ceramic whetstone that will handle all your sharpening needs.  The newly-developed DC3 and DC4 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires.

Mike says...
" Great, lightweight sharpening stone for the pack. "


Blade Tech Knife Sharpener
The Classic will sharpen almost any straight edged knife including hunting knives, kitchen knives, fishing knives, butchery knives, pen knives etc. along with shears, household scissors, loppers, secateurs, scythes, garden edging spades, axes, lawn mower blades and more.

Mike says...
" Great little pocket sharpener for knife profiles with a secondary edge such as utility blades, Leatherman multi-tools etc. "


Lansky Diamond Deluxe Sharpening System
4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System / Precision Knife Sharpening Kit - Diamond Hones.

Mike says...
" For many years I have been looking for an easier way to put a good edge on my training knives that our students use. I have in the past spent hours on bench stones putting back a razor sharp edge, only to have my work destroyed on the next course.

The Lansky system has cut down my workshop time by 3/4, sorts out the angle of hone with its rod system and I can listen to the cricket while not thinking about what I am doing. Thank you Lansky. "


Lansky Eraser Block
EraserBlock® is a pliable, mildly abrasive eraser created specifically to clean metal particles which accumulate on Lansky’s alumina ceramic Crock Stick® rods during the sharpening process. Convenient and easy to use the EraserBlock®, used periodically, quickly removes metal deposits and restores the maximum sharpening ability of ceramic Crock Stick® rods.

Mike says...
" The eraser block is a real must if you sharpen cutting tools on a regular basis. The idea is to clean diamond and ceramic stones so they work at their most efficient. The Eraser Block is  a real must in field sharpening. "


Buck Diamond Pocket Sharpener
Diamond sharpener in a retractable, pen style barrel. Tapered end for serrated blades. Fish hook groove. Flat side for straight blades. Pocket clip. Portable, versatile, and durable enough for field use.

Mike says...
" I was gutted when Buck stopped manufacturing the Spike, a piece of kit I have used endlessly. However, they have come up trumps with this new pocket sharpener. Does everything the Spike did, but with an added feature of a flat side. This pocket sharpener will tackle the most stubborn nicks out of cutting edges, on axes, draw knives, adzes, crook knives and tonnes more. Well done Buck, Hooray. "


Renaissance Metal De-Corroder
Metal De-Corroder is a safe, non-toxic system for rust removal with full control. It is designed to clean iron, bronze, copper and copper alloys, brass, steel, zinc and galvanized metals. Treatment selectively ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away.

Mike says...
" This stuffs brilliant, I especially use it on old tools I have bought or people have given me. Really eats away at rust and grease down to the base metal so you can then properly maintain them, especially cutting and greenwood tools. "


Autosol Metal Polish
Protects and preserves metals. Ideal for cleaning off knife blades using fine wire wool.

Mike says...
" Autosol has played a big part over 30 years of my life. Firstly, cleaning all my brasses when I was in the forces, fast forward to today, keeping all my cutting tools like new. Great stuff, and can be used as a stropping paste also. "


Renaissance Wax
Prevents rusting or tarnishing of metal.

Mike says...
" Great stuff if you are storing cutting tools, especially carbon steel. Just wipe down with white spirit to remove the wax. "



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