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DexShell Thermlite Waterproof Socks
This stylish and durable over ankle sock by Dexshell is a must-have for your outdoor ventures.

The lightweight style of the sock incorporates a merino wool lining complete with terry loop cushion padding from toe to heel providing exceptional comfort.

Mike says...
" I have recently taken these socks over some very rough boggy terrain wearing a pair of training shoes with no waterproof lining. At the time the Moorland had had plenty of rain and 100mm of wet slushy snow lay on the ground. I wore a pair of Wigwam socks underneath mainly for more insulation. After the walk ( approx. 12 miles ) I returned to camp with dry, warm feet.

I have carried out further walks and tests over the past few months with very similar results. I can strongly recommend these socks. "


Teko Merino Hiking Socks Medium Cushion

The Teko Merino Crew Hiking Boot Socks feature a crew height cut so they fit great with any four season or higher hiking boot and a medium weight thickness around the foot so you benefit from cushioning, comfort and wicking properties without too much bulk or warmth. Perfect for walking and hiking in the spring, summer, autumn and winter months.

Mike says….

" Brilliant socks for all year round use, really comfortable and hard wearing. I ensure i have clean socks most days while backpacking, washing a pair every night in camp. It doesn't matter if the socks are not dry when you use them again but it is important they are clean."

Scarpa R-Evo GTX Suede

Featuring Scarpa’s Sock Fit technology, this boot is the next evolution in trekking footwear with unparalleled performance, comfort and agility. 

Kev says...
" ​I've been on the hunt for a light but supportive boot for trekking in varied terrain, the Evo caught my eye and hasn't disappointed.  The sock-fit is so adjustable it takes a little time to get used to but once mastered it gives fantastic support and no foot movement in the boot. The suede upper gives a 'stiff-approach-shoe' like feel but this is definitely still a boot fit. The sole has a good stiffness and protects my feet from the tiredness they get walking miles over sharp or stony ground. Sole tread is not aggressive but so far no problems on rock, grass, scree and steeps. Used it through hot summer, autumn and fitted with microspikes in the winter snow, no complaints. Loving them.

Update 2017: After 3 years of heavy use I exhausted my R-Evo boots. The uppers look a bit shabby but it's mostly the sole unit that has worn down, I don't keep a record of my mileage but it's a lot so I'm not complaining. I went straight onto Scarpa website and was pleased to see they're still making them, now with an upgraded sole that is more aggressive and therefore slightly thicker. I've probably done about 50 miles in them and they're great. Maybe a little stiffer but not overly noticeable, I can feel the extra grip when it gets really muddy and I expect they will clock-up more miles. Excellent. "


Telic Dream

The Dream, with its sleek and stylish design, offers year-round comfort. As with the Flip Flop, Z-Strap, and Slide, this shoe is contoured to support the arches of your feet.

Mike says….

" My now preferred camp shoe after a long days walk. Really comfortable padding around camp and ideal for river crossings and wild bathing. I especially use these in Norway where i need to protect my feet more due to the remoteness."


Sorbothane Cush N Step Insole
Comfortable, simple and very affordable, they ease pressure and strain on the feet and may be used with almost any kind of footwear. 

Made from PU foam and a breathable outer fabric, they are soft, robust and designed to help keep the foot free from dampness.

Mike says...
" Good value, comfortable insole to add volume and comfort to what normally are average insoles in boots. Get roughly the size you need and use the original insole as a template and cut to size with a good sharp pair of scissors. The insole will last for miles and miles. "


Helsport Bivvy Boots
Excellent for inside your tent or cabin, water resistant with breathable upper and no slide soles, and insulated with Thermoguard 6000.

Mike says...
" I have just used a pair of the Bivvy boots on a recent camping trip in the Lake District. After a day in the mountains with most of it on crampons it was a joy to come back to camp, wash and powder my feet, put on fresh socks and the Bivvy boots. Within seconds my feet felt like they were glowing with heat, I even for a time wore them in my sleeping bag but found that this was too hot. The Bivvy boots were a great advantage when I needed my 2am pee, which I can never figure out as I never need the toilet at home at this time. "


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